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Pastor Stephen's Blog
Monday, May 23 2022
Prayers For The McKernan Family


Hello my friends. I hope this message finds you well.

I have some dear friends whose families have been struggling due to their father being on Hospice and in ill health the last few months. Jerry and his brother Scott lost their dad to lung cancer a week ago Friday. Their mom Mrs. Jina has been very sick as well. She went to the doctor last Tuesday, and the doctor wanted to admit her to the hospital for respiratory complications. Due to her grieving, she preferred to be treated at home, so they put her on continuous supplemental oxygen with around the clock breathing treatments. Jerry and Scott have been trying to tag team staying with her 24/7 with help from the rest of the family. 

On top of all of this, the afternoon their dad passed away (5/13/22), they had a terrible rain storm that caused two separate awnings at their parent’s home to collapse which flooded multiple rooms in the house, so they spent all weekend trying to clean everything up. This past Wednesday, there were a lot of workers there and Scott couldn’t get his truck out of the driveway because he was blocked in, so he took Jerry’s motorcycle to run home to eat supper and come back to care for mom. Scott never made it home, and his wife Angie ended up getting a call from the hospital chaplain in the emergency room stating that the ambulance had just brought Scott in due to an accident. Having a call like that is never an easy thing. 

Scott is banged up pretty bad. He has multiple scattered lacerations that required stitches. He had a helmet and road jacket on which definitely saved his life. (That and the Lord’s Amazing Grace and Protection!) He has a concussion with no brain injury Praise the Lord! He had a dislocated shoulder which was reset in the ER, but it is still causing him terrible shooting and burning nerve pain all the way to his hand. He also had a right femur fracture that is close to the hip joint which required surgery with an ORIF and Femur Rodding. They assigned him a room on the orthopedic floor where he is recovering. At this point they are attempting to perform MRI's of his shoulder and neck to make sure there is not something there that will require fixing prior to going to rehab.

As you can imagine, Scott's pain has been severe lately, and they have been wrestling with trying to keep him comfortable. He is one tough guy, but we all have our breaking point. Please be in deep prayer for Scott and his family during this extremely tough time. Please also pray for his doctors and caregivers as he travels this new painful, unexpected journey. He will be in the hospital through the weekend, with plans of being moved to rehab in the early part of next week. Please pray for he and Angie’s peace and contentment as the Lord sees them through this treacherous journey.

Update as of Wednesday, May 25, 2022:

I made a pastoral care visit with Mrs. Jina in the latter part of the morning at her home. We had a really good visit. I was able to go over some good grief materials we hand out and use in our Grief Support Group, and we closed our pleasant meeting with prayer. As I left and headed towards church, I received a call from Jerry stating that something is wrong with mom, and could I go check with her. I turned around, made it to her home, and came in to find her in severe respiratory distress. She was breathing nearly 40 times a minute and her lungs were filled with fluid, and it all happened suddenly within 30 minutes me leaving from our last visit. Acadian came and rushed her the hospital. She was admitted to ICU where she is stable but not out of the woods by any means. This is devastating to the family, so please be praying hard for Mrs. Jina McKernan and the entire McKernan family too.


Together, these two brothers Jerry and Scott make up

MCKERNAN MINISTRIES - Feats of Strength to Further His Kingdom

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Thank you all. 
God Bless,
Pastor Stephen 


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