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Pastor Stephen's Blog
Tuesday, June 14 2022
COVID-19 One Family's Journey


I completely understand a lot of people want to move on as if this pandemic is over and Covid is a thing of the past. In a sense, it has calmed down for a time, but the numbers of those infected now are increasing all around us, but I'm not hearing of any precautions, warnings or updates as we have heard so many times before. Well, guess what happened yesterday? I had an elderly lady in my office telling me her story, and it helped remind me that Covid is still lingering, that this demonic disease and this total mess of a virus has not finished it's nasty course just yet! This precious women lost her husband in May of 2022 to this terrible disease, and although he was not 100% healthy, he was triple vaccinated, and he had not completely recovered from his chemotherapy and radiation treatment for lung cancer. This stupid virus had more to say in their steadfast, Christian lives. Mr. Gary made it all the way through chemo and radiation for lung cancer treatment, and he even rang the bell in accomplishment of toughing it out and finishing his course in faith, only to succumb to this demonic virus that has  been so eager to wreck the lives of anyone it can!

I am here to tell you "Keep Fighting!" "Do Not Give Up!" Our fight is not over!! You will know when the fight is over, so in the meantime fight the good fight of faith like never before! Stand Firm in the Word of God, and Trust that He will Redeem You! He will Relieve You once and for all when the time comes, and I do not believe it is too far in the distant future! He is not finished with His work here on earth especially in the Age of Grace that we are living in! He will let us know WHEN that time comes, so in the meantime, we have to keep fighting, we have to keep perservering, we have to keep being the salt and the light, and we have to keep leading people in the right direction and that is up! 

Please continue to pray for the lost in Jesus' Name, and strive to leave your mark on this earth for His Glory!

God Bless,

Pastor Stephen


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