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Pastor Stephen's Blog
Tuesday, June 14 2022
Update on Scott McKernan


Good afternoon everyone.

A specialist visited Scott regarding the continued problems he is having with his left hand. It was confirmed that he did sustain a severe injury to his wrist and hand at the time of the accident. The plan is for him to have surgery on his left wrist on Wednesday morning (6/15/22) to fix the problem. The surgery is called a proximal row carpectomy and a carpal tunnel release. This will free up some room in there to allow the nerve to be free from compression, and prayerfully it will relieve him of the burning in his palm and his middle 3 fingers on the left side. This surgery has a 6 week recovery. Unrelated - it is believed he will be in rehab approximately 2 more weeks. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers for Scott and your continued prayers for the McKernan family.

God Bless,

Pastor Stephen



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